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EVERYDAY LOCAL released their self-titled debut album in late 2021. It is now available on all digital platforms and the physical CD will be available for purchase soon. Each CD comes with a 16-page booklet with lyrics and translations for all the songs!

Everday Local Cover.jpg


  1. ʻOni A Ka Moku (Traditional)

  2. Puna Paia ʻAla (Larry K. Kimura)

  3. Lio Kiwi (S. Silverstein/James K. Kaholokula, Sr.)

  4. Keikimahine (Traditional)

  5. Ka Nani O Kauaʻi (James K. Kaholokula, Sr.)

  6. Nani Wale Nā Pua (Louis Moon Kauakahi)

  7. Stars and Moon Slack Key (Harold Kama, Jr.)

  8. He Wahine Uʻi (John K. Alameida)

  9. Waipunalei (Kellen Paik)

  10. Lehelehe Man (James K. Kaholokula, Sr.)

  11. Missing You Love Song (Mark Yamanaka)

  12. We're Gonna Surf (Kellen Paik)

  13. Mynah Bird (Mark Yamanaka)

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